Target Launches Bridal Collection (And Not One Wedding Dress is Over $129)

Attention Brides-to-be (and those planning the ultimate wedding in their heads), Target (Tar-Zhay) has launched their own line of bridal, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses called Tevolio. Check out some of the simple yet chic styles here.



Sorry bridezillas, but we think this is genius: Target has launched an in-house line of bridal dresses called Tevolio—and it’s quite chic. The kicker: Every wedding dress costs between $99.99 and $129.99.

The line—a loose translation of the Italian phrase Ti Voglio (“I love you”)—also features customizable dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls, but we’re seriously impressed with the gowns for the lady of the hour. However, princess brides and cupcake wannabes can stop reading now, as the silhouettes offered are super-minimalist and sleek—two Carolyn Bessette-style silky sleeveless cuts, one capped-sleeve style, and one simple strapless gown.

It seems exceptionally smart of the mass retailer to break into the bridal game, especially since women historically love to buy items that look chic without spending a ton of money. Plus, during the last ten years or so, Target has become an acceptable—even preferred—place for style-minded consumers to go, so it’ll be interesting to see if that mindset spills over into wedding dress…

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