Rachel Roy Launches ‘The Life’ With Guest Lauren Bush Lauren

I’ve always been a fan of Rachel Roy from the beginning. The more I learned about her outside of her fashion endeavors was intriguing as well. I am always curious about what makes others tick…their likes, dislikes, inspirations, motivations, etc. Here’s a chance for fans of the designer to learn more about the woman behind the brand. Looking forward to see how her personal blog develops.

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Designer Rachel Roy knows she has an enviable life, with access to some of the coolest people and most beautiful places in the world.

And she’s sharing that privilege with followers of her new site, “The Life,” which is dedicated to answering questions, sharing her travels and connecting readers to some of the most interesting people she knows. In short, it’s like the personal blog you wish you could write.

In one of her first posts for the site, Roy interviews fellow designer/philanthropist Lauren Bush Lauren about pursuing passions and doing good in the world. The two also collaborated on a FEED tote, with proceeds going to give children in India meals.

Watch the video, above, and explore The Life (we’re especially loving the footage of her trip to India).

Tell us: What do you think of Roy’s new site? What most inspires you?

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