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You forgot it was Father’s Day this weekend…didn’t you?  Let me give you a second to let the panic set in. Are you done? Ok…good. Take a deep breath and fear not. I have a few solutions for you gift dilemma for dear old Dad.

If you’re lucky, you have a father like I do. He sends wish lists (usually after Christmas the year before) of what he would like for the coming year and all the festivities (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc) that it brings. If you aren’t as fortunate as I am or need some ideas aside from the annual tie (have you noticed he has never worn any of the ones you’ve given him in the last decade?) or the power tool (seriously do you want him tinkering around with a table saw?) here are a few ideas that might help you in your hunt for the perfect present.

According to Forbes, like women, there are essential pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. No I am not suggesting you buy your father a whole new closet but maybe you can work on adding a few key items to it.


It doesn’t matter what line of business your dad is in (or no longer in if he is retired) he needs to tell time. A man doesn’t really have too many options for accessorizing. Aside from a wedding ring (if he’s hitched), the only “jewelry” many men wear is a watch. Though I find a fancy watch appealing, I think a good everyday watch for Daddy dearest is a great gift idea. Each time he puts it on, he’ll remember his favorite child gave him a snazzy timepiece. One of my favorite go to brands for a well made watch for daily wear is INVICTA.

Based in Switzerland (no one does a watch better than the Swiss) and founded in 1837, INVICTA is known for exceptional quality at an affordable price—perfect for a watch you want Dad to use regularly not just for special occasions. Here are my picks for Father’s Day:

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These can be found at your nearest INVICTA retailer (check the site for stockists), online or at the fabulous men’s boutique, St. James & Company in New Jersey.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “the shoes make the man.”  According to AskMen.com, the statement is definitely true and the quality of a man’s shoes reveals how much he respects himself. Match.com (yes the dating site) and author, Donna Sozio  (Never Trust A Man in Alligator Loafers: What His Shoes Really Say About His True Love Potential), went as far to say “The shoes a man wears and the way that he treats them are fail-safe indicators of not only his romantic personality, but also how he’ll treat his woman.” Now at the end of the day we want our dads to look good (for his wife/partner, a blind date or just for us when we take him out). But shoes have to fit your father’s personality. Here are some of my top choices from two of my favorite online retailers:

VIONIC is a footwear brand that marries science/medicine and fashion. I already know what you’re thinking….and no their not your grandpa’s orthopedic shoe. It’s no secret that many men (and women) suffer with foot, joint and back pain from wearing the wrong shoes, worn out shoes or just sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion (yes men do that too). Vionic puts an end to this with a great men’s collection. With the summer season upon us, I am loving Vionic’s Regatta Deck Shoe (offered in suede and leather) and their Conner Casual Slip On. Both of these casual yet comfortable styles feature Vionic’s breakthrough Orthaheel technology developed by experts in biomechanics and foot health ensure relief from issues including plantar fasciitis, knee, back and foot pain.


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PLANET SHOES is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites for shoe shopping. The whole mission of the company is to “help customers make healthy choices for themselves the environment and the community.” Basically they sell great shoes that look good, feel good and do good for the environment. Planet shoes features brands from across the globe including the Spanish based shoe company, Pikolinos and American company, Red Wing. They have so many great shoes for men.  My favorites for Father’s Day choices include:


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Everyone has a favorite bag—yes even men. Anytime I hope on the Metro North I see some very worn “favorites” seated next two well-suited gentleman as well as those in casual fare. They may not think they need a new one (hello, the handle of their brief case is holding on by mere threads), but they sure would appreciate a bag for Father’s Day. Here are my picks from my go-to men’s boutique, St. James & Company…


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No matter what a man says to you, he cares about how his skin looks. Please, they don’t want razor bumps, acne or wrinkles any more than a woman does. But he’s not about any 4 step cleansing processes either.  Enter MENAJI.

Founded by beauty expert and professional make-up artist, Michele Probst (alongside a team of dermatologists and chemists), Menaji is a line of men’s skincare and grooming products that are all about enhancing his skin. I am a big fan of their Gentleman’s Kit. It gives the father in your life all the core products needed to cleanse, replenish, rejuvenate and maintain their skin. Dad may look at you funny when you give it to him (Mr. Socialite did when I asked him to sample them) but all you have to tell him is that some of the most well-known men in the world (Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon,  Kevin Costner, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw….hell, even President Obama and Regis Philbin) use it.  You can order this set via the Menaji website for $125.


The Gentleman’s Kit (Aftershave Hydrator, Face & Body Scrub, Eraser, Lip Agent)


These are just a few ideas for Daddy.

With that said, Happy Father’s Day from the Curvy Socialite

STRIKE A “POSE”: A New App for the Fashion Lover

Courtesy of MannersandMoxie.com

Courtesy of MannersandMoxie.com

In the ever-changing medium of social media, there seems to be an endless array of ways that we can share who we are with the world. I feel like every time I browse the tech sites, there is a new app or website that is being mentioned. Admittedly, my favorite apps tend to be more on the traditional side as they tend to lend themselves more to fashion and beauty blogging and my android phone. But recently, I came across a new app that may be the “app of all apps” for fashion bloggers and enthusiasts worldwide. Introducing POSE.

Described by some as the “Instagram of Fashion,” Pose is an online and mobile community where fashionphiles share their style.

Why do I like it? It’s an easy way to find great outfit inspirations, do some trend spotting and shop! What separates it from say Instagram or Pinterest, which are both popular with the fashion and style minded, is that Pose is dedicated solely to fashion. How can you go wrong with that?

Here are a few other benefits to Pose for the fashion lover– one of the things that I like about this app is that it allows “posers” (yep, that’s what users are called) to tag images with not only what it is (I.e., heels, dresses, etc) but with the brand (Michael Kors, Miss Selfridge, etc)—making it easy to find that piece that you know you can’t live without easily. In some cases, you can outright purchase the item through the app. Also, another feature I like– posers can save their favorite looks by creating “collections” (similar to boards on Pinterest). Cool, right?

Pose is still a relatively young app (about a year old or so) but is quickly becoming a favorite with major brands, bloggers and other influencers alike.

Interested in trying out Pose? It’s available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as on the web and via Facebook. You can download the app at www.pose.com/d.

I just joined Pose myself, you can find me at: http://pose.com/u/curvysocialite/


MY STYLE CRUSH: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has been on my radar for a few years now with great roles in films like Ray (playing Ray Charles’ wife, Della Bea Robinson) and Last King of Scotland (playing Idi Amin‘s wife, Kay). However,  I think for me — like everyone else– she has been propelled to the forefront of everyone’s mind in her new role as Olivia Pope in ABC’s Scandal. Who doesn’t love seeing a highly successful, incredibly smart, beautiful (and yet so vulnerable) woman– and woman of color at that– getting it done and doing it looking with a stylish swagger to boot? I have to admit, part of the appeal for me is that Olivia Pope is the ultimate PR maven (as many of you may know, I am a PR Diva myself– I’m the woman behind the integrated communications firm Siena Media Group and the PR incubator, NY PR Diva).  And of course, practically every woman in America covets her style. Kerry Washington’s status has landed her on the cover of this month’s Elle Magazine.

The multi-page feature (comprised of a beautifully shot spread and dynamic interview) gives the readers of Elle a  glimpse into who the woman behind the “gladiators” really is. Kerry Washington dons Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and more in an ode to denim couture.

Not to give too much of the article away (seriously you should make sure you get a copy for yourself), Elle delved into this native New Yorker’s (she was born in the Bronx) past to show that Washington is much more than a pretty face in movies and on television. A product of one of the city’s most prestigious preparatory academies, the Spence School, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from George Washington University (she gave the commencement address to the Class of 2013), Kerry talks about her journey of self discovery, how she found her happiness and who she is when she’s not on camera.

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Ms. Washington has been making the rounds in the press a lot recently. In addition to  the Elle feature, she also graced the covered and interviewed for the LA Times Magazine.  Recently, she sat down with fellow actor Don Cheadle for a candid interview with Variety Magazine about life in Hollywood, race, gender and activism. Watching the video gave me a renewed respect for both of these amazing people. Both talked about education, how they view race and gender in Hollywood and how they have affected their careers, why activism important and so much more.  Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

I can’t wait until the new season of Scandal starts in the fall– more drama, more style. more Kerry!

“DARE” TO BE BOLD: New Plus Magazine Launches with Spring Issue

Okay. Okay. I can here some of you muttering under your breath already with, “not another one.” This isn’t the first nor will it be the last plus magazine that will burst on to the market but I have to say I’m hoping Dare Magazine will be one that will stay.

DARE Magazine

What’s so special about Dare?

Well, it’s founder, Diana Di Poce, a senior at Ryerson University in Canada, is looking do something that her predecessors did not.  She’s NOT trying to change the world or “rally the troops” so to speak like others of her generation and even other magazine before her. Rather she’s trying to provide a source of inspiration for curvy girls throughout Canada and beyond. Geared toward the woman size 12 and above, her purpose of the magazine is to acknowledge and inspire the woman with the fuller figure and all women in general of all shapes and sizes.

In a recent interview, Di Poce said, “I wanted to keep it more general in the way that any woman can look at the magazine and get inspiration from it…just like how I pick up an issue of Elle or Flare…even though I won’t fit these outfits and I won’t look like these models, I still get inspiration from it.”

Born of her final school project, the Fashion Communications major picked the ideal time to launch with the burgeoning acknowledgement plus size women are receiving from the fashion and beauty industry– though there are still some brands that are dead set against anyone over a size 8 wearing their clothing (let’s not even talk about the Abercrombie founder’s comments about not wanting “fat” or “ugly” people wearing his clothes. It’s his prerogative at the end of the day; the public’s choice whether or not to support.If you want to read the story for yourself, click here.)

I’m looking to see more and what the direction the magazine will take. But for now, it is piquing my interest and I am throwing in my support.

To find out more about Dare Magazine, visit www.daremag.ca.

BEAUTY REVIEW: Pump up the Volume with Living Proof’s AMP2

I’ve had another amazing opportunity to guest blog for a fellow New York Blogger Collective member. This time, I reviewed Living Proof‘s newest hair care product, Amp2 for the fabulous Glasgow Skinner of My Life On (and Off) the Guest List

Back in 1987 the British band MARRS was at the top of the charts with “Pump up the Volume” and today every editor, blogger and beauty guru is obsessed with volume—hair volume that is. We’re not talking about the big hair of the 80s where celebrities and girls-next-door alike teased and sprayed their hair to death to reach great heights that for some could be really be considered architectural feats in their own right. Today we’re all about the sexy, full touchable hair the graces the catwalks and red carpets. But how’s a girl to go from flat, boring hair to the sexy bouncy hair worthy of a Victoria’s Secret model without adding all that stiff, heavy product that only lasts about two hours. Enter the scene….Living Proof, the game changing beauty company that is changing the hair industry.

Living Proof recently released Amp2, a multifaceted new styling product that provides major volume while maintaining soft, touchable hair and flexible hold. The best part about it…is that Amp2 can be applied to dry hair for instant body and is “revivable” for up to 2 days!

Want to find out more about this product? See the full review on Glasgow’s blog here.


As I watch as New York gets ready for it’s second storm in as many weeks, I attempted to regain some sense of normalcy. Finding myself in midtown, I ventured into one of my favorite nail salons for a mani-pedi.

One of the benefits of being a blogger is that you get a chance to sample some of the newest products on the market.  Essie recently sent me some gorgeous colors from their Fall Collection. So with a beautiful deep wine (Essie’s Skirting the Issue) and glittering gold (Essie’s Good as Gold) nail polishes in hand, I set off for some Fall inspiration.

Thanks for New York Nature Spa (just steps from Bryant Park on 41st Street) for this adorable wine and gold mani (and pedi). (Just a little note, in order to get the burgundy to be as deep as the color on the bottle I had to apply 3 coats.)

What do you think?

Manicure by New York Nature Spa featuring Essie’s Skirting the Issue and Good as Gold.


Every two weeks, I make an effort to treat myself to a mani-pedi at my local nail salon. It’s kind of my own little therapeutic moment when I don’t have to worry about the needs of clients (FYI, for those of who do not know, in addition to being  your favorite blogger, I’m a fashion and beauty publicist) and to have a little me time where I get to be pampered  and feel pretty. So when the opportunity to review a the new line of nail polish from the company,  Julep, I was super excited as it was another chance to enjoy a hot stone manicure and pedicure—but little did I know that Julep was more than just a pretty nail polish brand.

Julep, it turns out, is a new nail polish and beauty product subscription program. You’re probably wondering what that means. Well… it means that every month Julep sends you some of the most fashion forward polishes and high quality beauty products right to your door-step based on your style profile (determined by a short quiz on their site when you sign up to be a “maven”).  There are 5 style profiles (AMERICAN BEAUTY, BOHO GLAM, BOMBSHELL, CLASSIC WITH A TWIST and IT GIRL) that mavens can fall into based on their fashion and beauty likes.  Yours truly was determined to be BOHO GLAM—not surprising with my love of earthy and neutral tones.

Literally two days after signing up, Lou (seriously the best postman ever—gotta give him a plug because he lugs all the magazines, new products and the results of my shopping binges to me with a smile) brought me my introductory Maven Box. From the moment I opened it, I was in love.

So what was in it? Inside the box, carefully wrapped in fuchsia tissue paper was a mini- reusable tote with Julep’s motto: “Beauty is about connection, not competition.” You see, Julep was founded as a tribute to girlfriends—true friends who tell it like it is and share new fashion and beauty secrets so that we can all call look good.

What you get in your introductory Boho Glam Julep Maven Box

Within the tote was the following:

  • Toni –  Greige (what you get when grey marries beige) with a hint of lavender crème
  • Sasha - Fresh cantaloupe melon crème
  • Best Pedi Crème Ever! Exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish your feet (seriously I don’t know how they knew I’ve been hiding some seriously dry cuticles on my tootsies these last few days).

Julep actually names their nail colors after women who inspire them—a testament to the company’s pledge to empower women to be their most beautiful, confident, and happy—all while having fun along the way. Julep takes this mindset to heart and actually donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations that support women through their Powered by Girlfriends program.

The day I got my mani-pedi it was an unseasonably warm day (80 degrees in New York in October—seriously!) which probably persuaded me to opt to try Sasha as it gives you a little bit of summer (which came in handy today as I write this post and the temperature dropped like 30 degrees!).

Both the manicurist and I were impressed by how pretty Sasha was and how true to color it actually was (sometimes what the color looks like in the bottle isn’t what it looks like on your hands and feet). Also, we noticed that that super strong “nail polishy” smell didn’t really exist. That’s another great thing about Julep—they actually make a “Girlfriend’s Oath” to give you en trend beauty without all the toxins. Now though I love getting my nails done, I hate waiting for them to dry. If you’re like me, have no fear! Julep’s nail polish actually dries really fast. I was practically dry before I even got to the dryers. At the end of my therapy time, I had the cutest set of manicured fingers and toes.

Channeling Sasha Fierce!

Later that night before bed, I decided to try the pedicure cream. Julep boasts you can see results in one to two uses. I can attest to that. My feet felt soft and cool after the first use. I’m definitely a fan.

But the thing I love most about Julep best…they’re all about sharing! Julep has been so gracious to offer a discounted rate on their intro box to readers of my blog! The promo code “CURVYSOCIALITE” can be used here to sign up!


One lucky reader will get a chance to score a free intro Maven box by entering the giveaway via The Curvy Socialite Facebook page (starting Monday, October 8th).

It’s super easy to enter!